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Heather is a filmmaker and producer of multi-platform stories that emphasize humanity, justice, nature, education, and creative problem-solving. She is currently the Program Manager at The Redford Center where she cultivates opportunities for environmental filmmakers and produces impact media projects and campaigns. She’s Co-Founder of the Hollywood Climate Summit, an annual conference for cross-sector creative industries to build a coalition of climate-conscious storytellers, supported by Netflix, Paramount, NBCUniversal, and more. As a Professor of Media & Social Impact at California State University LA, she founded a professional program that immerses filmmakers in civic engagement initiatives to produce community-led video campaigns. As the Head of Production at the Studio of Mark Bradford she directed the documentary Process Collettivo, recognized by the Global Campus of Human Rights. Heather has worked on the production teams of several documentaries, narrative feature films, TV shows, and interactive digital content for companies including Netflix, BBC, Hulu, CBS, PBS, CA Air Emissions Board, and the US Dept. of Health.


I believe media should inform and encourage us to assess our opinions, examine urgent issues from many perspectives, and encourage growth and participation towards a better world.  I create impact-driven films, interactive engagement experiences, and creative visual campaigns that communicate the environmental crisis in ways that harness optimism and imagination to build the world we so urgently need. In the pursuit of environmental justice, it is essential that we imagine a future worth changing for. Through multimedia storytelling, I want to empower individuals and communities to step into their power  and support people, places, and movements that they care about.


Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!

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