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Community Impact Media

Training filmmakers to be changemakers. A community engagement project supported by Cal State LA Department of Television & Film and Hauser & Wirth. Filmmakers partner with local initiatives and receive training in ethical storytelling and community building practices to create impactful media that amplifies urgent and underrepresented narratives.

As a Professor of Media and Social Impact at California State University Los Angeles, Heather founded a service learning and impact filmmaking program called 'Community Impact Media' that created over 30 community-led video campaigns for grassroots organizations.


In her role as the films' Executive Producer, she secured lasting community partnerships and oversaw experiential field learning of over 300 advanced student filmmakers. Guiding them through the entire process of creating documentaries to tell the incredible stories of nonprofits, community initiatives, and grassroots campaigns. 

To date, the program has worked with 45 non profit organizations and over 700 students. The shared community engagement program was made possible by a generous $1 million support grant from international art gallery Hauser & Wirth as well as supported with mentorship and creative collaboration with the amazing staff and leadership team at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles.

View all the films here.


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