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Hollywood Climate Summit

The Hollywood Climate Summit creates community spaces and creative labs for cross-sector creatives to build alliances, exchange resources, expand climate literacy, celebrate progress, and organize collective climate action.

About the Organization

The Hollywood Climate Summit is an organization that creates year round community building and climate action experiences for thousands of creative professionals. The Hollywood Climate Summit’s mission is to equip professionals in communication and entertainment with informed strategies, tools and information to learn and communicate effectively about climate change; our method is to create a culture of excitement, acceptance, and community to empower people with the courage necessary to speak out and lean in to an issue that has been avoided, polarized and sanitized. We have amazing tools and research to advance this work- what we need now is a huge community of people using them to their full potential. 

We have 4 main initiatives: 

  • The Hollywood Climate Summit - Our annual conference has grown into an international platform to pass the mic to frontline activists, pilot workshops and think tanks, unveil important research, showcase innovation, and create direct support systems for climate stories to make it to the mainstream. Our vision is to grow into the SXSW of climate media: a conference and marketplace that brings in music, gaming technology, advertising, and other media sectors.

  • Writing Climate Pitchfest - A marketplace event where TV and feature film writers pitch their screenplays that grapple with the climate emergency in both powerful and entertaining ways to development executives, production companies, and studios.  

  • Workshops, Think Tanks, & Programmatic Consulting - Curated program offerings that can be designed for a specific topic, skillset, company or community. We currently offer leadership training and networking experiences for anyone in the creative industry to learn climate advocacy skills and strategize sustainability transformations in whatever department, office, or space they work in. 

  • Year-Round Events at Cultural Hubs - As an international hub for excitement and power-building for creative climate action year-round, we program pop-up events at spaces such as NYC Climate Week, Sundance, SXSW, in collaboration with our partners and sponsors.


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